2012 News
• 3/3/2012: Watch the worldwide Lenovo commercial on the Jetlev inventor, Ray.
• 3/10/2012: Come see us in the Las Olas St. Patrick's Day boat Parade.
• 4/1/2012: New rental centers opening in Boca Raton and Miami.
• 4/2/2012: Zainojet is now a proud sponsor of the the Fort Lauderdale Air & Sea Show.
• 4/14/2012: Check out our weekend with The Robb Report.
• 4/26/2012: Come join us at Shooters for an Air & Sea Party!
• 5/2012: View Zainojet's first red Jetlev unit ever made.
• 5/20/2012 Check out our story on VisitFlorida.
• 6/23/2012: Read about the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore flying Jetlevs!
• 7/11/2012: Check out country singer Craig Morgan flying with Zainojet for his new music video!
• 8/11/2012: Watch this friendly Manatee approach our boat and jetski.
• 10/2012: Check out Flo Rida's new music video, featuring Zainojet!
• 11/16-18/2012: Zainojet flew during the NASCAR Ford Championship Weekend!
• 12/9/2012: It was a joy being part of the Toys in the Sun Run.
2013 News
• 1/15/13 Read about us in the Miami Herald Online.
• 1/16/13 Zainojet participated in filming for a reality show in France, "Les Anges De La Tele Realite", airing in March / April
• 1/22/13 Zainojet performed a Lighted Jetpack Show at night for The Noble Financial Group for their Super Yacht Hop.
• 2/2/13 Zainojet participated in filming for a reality show in Germany with Joker Productions.
• 3/25/13 Zainojet opens up flight center in Orlando!
• 3/29/13 Read about Zainojet featured in CNN Travel (Walk on water: Zainojet).
• 4/16/13 Zainojet was interviewed and filmed by Deco Drive; aired on 4/22/13.
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